A website aimed at spreading the truth about ESCOZUL, the alternative treatment against cancer based on the venom of the blue scorpion

Why? Because ESCOZUL has given us hope, when everything seemed to be over and cancer had invaded our lives. Because this natural and alternative cancer treatment based on the blue scorpion venom, , has achieved amazing results without causing the side effects of conventional treatments.

Because there is too much misinformation about ESCOZUL which results in the total confusion among patients, the disclosure of misconceptions that some people take advantage of the situation for profit.

Because we need to know more about ESCOZUL. About its anticarcinogenic, analgesic and antiinflammatory properties. We need to be updated about the researches being carried out on venom of the Cuban endemic blue scorpion. How ESCOZUL is made and who made it.

Many things have changed since this website was created in 2008. However, we have tried to keep the information as updated as possible in order to guide all who need it. is a website aimed at spreading information to those who need guidance about the evidences and values of ESCOZUL as an alternative treatment against cancer.

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