ESCOZUL proveedor Monzón

ESCOZUL Supplier : Independent Cuban Producers

Who they are.- Currently, they are the ones who make ESCOZUL in Cuba with enough quality to be considered antitumoral.

They are located in two provinces of Cuba: Matanzas (Group Monzon) and Guantanamo (Bordier Group). The origin is common for both groups as they were founded by the Cuban biologist Misael Bordier in the 80s and early 90s.

Misael Bordier the late leader of the group, graduated in Biology at the Universidad de Oriente (Cuba) in 1972. In 1985 begins to investigate the effects of the blue scorpion venom in dogs with different cancer diseases. So controversially and without the development of clinical studies, he began supplying the scorpion venom to cancer patients in the late 80's.

Most of the research was held at the Faculty of Medical Sciences of Guantanamo and the Regional Laboratory of the Center for Health, Hygiene and Epidemiology in Guantanamo. In Bordier website are published some articles on the results obtained by the group over the years, but none of these has been published in medical journals for not having the required scientific rigor. Despite all this, the good results in improving both the quality of life and in survival time, made the ESCOZUL to the attention of the Cuban state health authorities which set out to scientifically prove the properties of ESCOZUL.

José Felipe Monzón is the father of the first cancer patient successfully treated by Misael Bordier. After thes success achieved in her daughter´s treatment, Mozón and Bordier joined forces to extend the blue scorpion breeding and supply of ESCOZUL to Jaguey Grande (Matanzas, Cuba). Monzon became the Bordier´s assistant in central Cuba. Currently, Monzón works independently in the production of ESCOZUL.

They keep producing ESCOZUL and hand over it for free, charging only the medical consultation. The office hours are Tuesday through Thursday from 8:30 to 12:30 in Jaguey Grande. You must present a medical summary and a letter of permission if a family member is traveling to get it.