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CancerDecisions Newsletter sobre el ESCOZUL - Mayo 12, 2004 por Dr. Fraga Castro

Official LABIOFAM statement about the properties of the ESCOZUL - Abril 25, 2004 por Ralph Moss

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Forum: MSN Escozul group From: luis Date: 22/04/2006 14:36

Hello, I just wanted to let the group know about my experience with Cancer Hope Research. My mom had brain cancer and began taking Escozul from this organization on December 22, 2005. My mom passed away on March 12, 2006 and I don't blame Cancer Hope for my mom's death because my mom had terminal Cancer. But from reading other peoples experiences with Escozul from Cuba even if their loved ones passed away, they did so with no pain when they took Cuba's Escozul. My mom suffered throughout her illness and that led my family and I to believe that the Escozul from Cancer Hope Research wasn't the correct one. Every time my sister and I would ask Sherry Roux certain questions about her contacts, she would always give us the run around. She told my sister that there was no way to contact Cuba to talk to them about escozul. We found that to be a lie because a week before my mom passed away my Aunt was in contact with Dr. Bordiers Lab in Cuba and they told her that they didn't know Sherry or Cancer Hope Research. The purpose of me writing this is to help anyone who has questions regarding Cancer Hope Research or Sherry Roux for that matter. Please email me if anyone dealing with this organization have any questions about my experience.

Forum: MSN Escozul group From: Margaux Gold Date: 08/08/2006 14:44


I just found this site after searching for Escozul via Google. I read about it 3 months ago and have asked around locally where I live and no one seems to know a thing about it.

I have been diagnosed, treated and had a huge tumor removed surgically in January '06, after 6 full weeks of Radiation Therapy and Chemo. The treatments worked to shrink the tumor so it could be removed. The Radiation is just barbaric and brutal. I almost died from the treatments.

It is true for every one of us diagnosed with cancer, that much of the survival of the terrible and toxic treatment protocols has to do with several factors: the stage and location of the cancer, the age of the patient, and the strenght of the patient's basic constitution, which can be viewed as genetic and historic for that person.

What I am trying to portray is a picture for both the cancer patient and the cartakers--the loved ones that are caring for the patient.

The standard medical treatment choice is Chemo and Radiation, either both combined and separate. These are accepted by most of the world who use Western Medicine. The patient can die from these treatments even before the cancer can kill them. I have almost died every month that I have been in treatment.

So, that being said, if you choose to use Escozul, I believe the same rules apply--to be fair! Not everyone will be "cured" by treatment with Escozul. That is just not possible due to the many variables in the patient, such as discussed above, stage of cancer, location of cancer, age of patient, constitution. There is another very dramatic point in surviving cancer, and that is attitude and intention----of the patient. No one has control over this except the patient.

Not everyone is cured and survives standard Western Medical Cancer Treatment either. As a cancer victim myself, I know this is true. As horrific and painful my Radiation and Chemo treatment was, it did save me because my tunor was so advanced and deadly.

In fact, I doubt that Escozul could have saved me. I was a very sick lady.

What I want Escozul for in my life now and in my treatment phase is to keep me cancer free!!

I have learned to be realistic. This is what cancer has taught me. I do not take my life for granted. Every day is the day I could die from cancer and cancer treatment, just as it is true that every day is the day that I can be alive and rejoice!

Please, try not to blame and be bitter about the results of cancer treatment choices the patient used and the results, whether it was Chemo or Escozul. The real REAL villain is Cancer! The Tumor is the villain. We are victims and we are just doing the best we can to either destroy it in our bodies or live comfortably each day until we move on to the next world.

I wish every one here good luck. This is a place to find something that works to stop cancer cells growing and enhance the immine system. That is not what chemo does or can do. Chemo kills cells and does not support the immune system. It beats you up like you were just in a big fight.

I want to give Escozul a try. That is why I am here and I an thankful for the information in this e-group. I have to do a lot of reading here first before I start looking for the medicine.

Thank you,

Margaux Gold

Forum: MSN Escozul group From: Ioanna Armata Date: 28/08/2006 18:08

Dear all

My precious dad, only 58 years old, passed away a few days ago, very peacefully, after two years of fighting cancer...... When the diagnosis took place (non small cell, low differentiation lung cancer, already metastasis to around lymph nodes and close to trachea) doctors gave him less than 3-4 months and that if he started immediately chemotherapy. He refused, we started Escozul immediately and he stayed with us for 2 wonderfull years, He god out of bed, went back at work, going fishing and hunting during weekends, not feeling pain, not loosing weight, not bleading, non having breathing problems......All these due to Escozul aqcuired mostly from other treatments, my dad did not spend a day in the hospital other than for doing regular CT scans and blood tests which proved that cancer has been stabilized and no grow or new metastasis has taken place. Many doctors or colleques of mine (biologists) were claiming is all a placebo effect. Well, i have never heard of such a strong placebo working against so progressed cancer and even more i know that placebo works if the patient is informed that he is taking something which will safe his life. My dad had no idea he was taking Escozul and we only informed him after he started feeling better. Unfortunately, two years later cancer started to progress and i lost him two months later. I do not know why? maybe his system god used in Escozul and it was not efficient anymore, maybe it was a mistake we did not acquire new Escozul every three months instead of every 8 months, i really dont know. What i know is the two wonderfull years i had him and the merricle i saw in front of my eyes 2 months after Escozul dad strong and happy going at work.

The reason for the creation of this site, my dad, is gone, but the site stays in his memory to keep supporting and helping people willing to fight cancer. Furthermore, i will fight will all my power against people claiming they provide authentic Escozul while the dont or against people providing Escozul which they took for free but they decided to ask a huge amount of money. Also pleaser keep in mind; for a cancer patient it does not only matter how long he/she will live , it also matters what quality of life he/she will have while still living.

I really hope this email answers to people wondering we do i help and what do i get as a return.........May God help me to help as much as i can and alwasy for the best of cancer patients

A _ Ioanna