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STATEMENT: When choosing an ESCOZUL supplier, we need to know well the information they provide . It is important to consider the supplier's degree of professionalism and we need to check out that they really know all the aspects related with ESCOZUL. Next, we provide some information gathered over many years of interaction with providers. We are thousands of patients and their relatives contributing with our true testimony for the sake of finding a supplier to guarantee our safety.

EscozulCirculoImportant about ESCOZUL

+ If we are determined to use ESCOZUL as an alternative treatment against cancer, we must be aware of the following:

1+ The Escozul is only produced in Cuba since it is obtained from an endemic scorpion from Cuba.. There are many sources on the internet about ESCOZUL. However most of the information is confusing, misleading or outdated.

2+ LABIOFAM, the Cuban Government laboratories has stopped to produce the ESCOZUL as we knew it before. Now they produce a homeopathic version of the scorpion venom, which was registered recently as VIDATOX and is sold in international pharmacies in Cuba.

3+ The only ones that remain producing ESCOZUL are the Cuban independent producers.

4+ Cuba is an expensive country and although the ESCOZUL concentrate is free, the investment to get it is not. It is expensive and time consuming to travel every two or three months to Cuba.

5+ The desperate solution for many cancer patients is to go to the intermediary providers outside of Cuba. However, not all are reliable.

Many providers claim false facts about ESCOZUL and how they get it. So make us wary of paying their prices.

Escorpion Azul SA. is a Panama Panama corporation that sells "ESCOZUL" doses for 3 months. The selling price is $1200 USD

A series of mexican web sites that respond to the same group of persons who sell "ESCOZUL" doses for two months. The price $650 USD.

Sherry LeRoux in the United States, whose bad reputation is widely known and charges $2000 USD for a basic consultation.