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Why we made www. ESCOZUL - CANCER .com

This website was created by cancer patients and by people who suffer the pain of having a family member with cancer. When we lost hope in conventional treatments, we sought alternatives and we found ESCOZUL. Initially we had our doubts because this is an alternative treatment but later we were convinced of its positive effects when we watched our recovery as well as the recovery of our relatives.

For over 12 years we traveled to Havana to get the ESCOZUL from the Cuban government laboratories LABIOFAM. During that time, we received the ESCOZUL free, without paying even for the consultation or the medicine. Like many other patients, we benefit with LABIOFAM attitude and we will be eternally grateful to them. However, since September 2010 at a scientific meeting in Havana, we learn that LABIOFAM would replace ESCOZUL with a homeopathic version that does not follow the principle of concentrated doses wich is so important in the treatment process with the blue scorpion venom. The homeopathic version has been registered under the name of VIDATOX, it is not ESCOZUL and is not free. Nowadays, the original ESCOZULin its concentrated form just can only be obtained with the Cuban independent producers, who continue to provide the drug free of charge.

We feel the need to share the facts about ESCOZUL with people who, like us, are seeking for the cure that will bring life back to our loved ones. We know of people who had been declared terminal ill by doctors and who opted for treatment with ESCOZUL. Some are alive to date and others have died, but they managed to exceed their life expectancy and they spent their last years with a decent quality of life. Some of us are living proof of these facts. We hope that in this website you will find guidance through the information we offer. We hope that you get enough elements in order to decide to use ESCOZUL or not. It is our contribution to the battle against cancer.

We want to thank all the team of professionals who have always been willing to help us. Thanks to all the people in Cuba who help us in many ways so that we can get ESCOZUL. We would like to thank all those who have contributed to the development of this website. Thanks to our relatives and timeless friends who have always been by our side, giving hope to our lives. Thank you God for allowing us to be alive.

Brandon Stuart, Mariana Cotta, Clara Rodríguez, Jason Koppen and Eduardo Irujo.

Who are we?

 Brandon Stuart

 USA. 67 años. Architect

I have been taking ESCOZUL for 12 years. When I was diagnosed with prostate cancer, I was treated first with radiotherapy and later with cryotherapy, none of which produced results. Although I was given a terminal prognosis, today I lead a greatly improved quality of life and my doctor said that I'm cancer free (read more).


 Mariana Cotta

 ARG. 39 años. Nurse

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in January 2006. The chemotherapy did not work in my case. I have been taking ESCOZUL since 2007 to date. Although cancer is still there, it has not grown nor has development.


 Clara Rodríguez

 DOM-USA. 49 años. Social assistant

I born in Dominican Republic and I live in the United States. My son has an inoperable tectal glioma and takes ESCOZUL as therapy. The tumor has reduced in size considerably and my son leads a normal life. He has been taking escozul for 5 years (read more).


 Jason Koppen

 USA. 40 años. Anthropologist

My father was diagnosed with lung cancer. He was a third level terminal patient and was a patient. He took ESCOZUL for two years for two years, and he later died of other causes. He was so calm and happy ! My father didn't suffer thanks to ESCOZUL. Now one of my uncles takes escozul and we all are very positive.


 Eduardo Irujo

 CL. 66 años. Pediatrician

My daughter was diagnosed with uterine cancer. After taking ESCOZUL for 4 years, the cancer was confined. She underwent surgery and the cyst was removed successfully. He now lives her life and continues to take the ESCOZUL, she says that just in case.