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EscozulCirculoSeven Facts about Escozul

+ The ESCOZUL can only be produced in Cuba.

+ Its active substance is the venom of blue scorpion endemic to Cuba, so called Rhopalurus junceus.

+ Its oral administrarion is safe, it does not produce toxic effects or side effects.

+ Nowadays, the Cuban governamental labs do not offer ESCOZUL anymore. LABIOFAM only offers a homeopathic version of the blue scorpion venom.

+ Currently, Cuban independent producers are the ones who produce effective ESCOZUL in its original form, in appropriate doses according to the patient's health condition.

+ Cuban scientists have evidence that the ESCOZUL stops the growth of tumor cells in vitro and in tumors implanted in mice.

+ ESCOZUL positive effects are undeniable facts, even if the final results that prove it have not been published yet.