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EscozulCirculoESCOZUL Supplier : Independent Cuban Producers

Currently they are the only ones that produce Escozul in Cuba with sufficient quality to be considered effective antitumor.

They are located in three provinces of Cuba: Havana (LifEscozul Group) and Matanzas (Monzón Group).

The LifEscozul Group was founded by Cuban researchers who worked on the Escozul project at LABIOFAM and who renounced in disagreement to provide a homeopathic variant to cancer patients. Currently they are the only ones who continue to investigate Escozul and offer care based on ethics and professionalism that includes follow-up of all cases and exposure of results on a regular basis. Each patient treated receives a dose and concentration according to the severity of the case and the type of tumour. Its results are published constantly. And its research is supported by non-private social funds. In addition, they can send to the patient's home and provide personalized follow-up. For more information:

José Felipe Monzón was the father of Nyuris Monzón, the first cancer patient successfully treated by Misael Bordier, who was the discoverer of Escozul, now deceased. After this success Monzón and Bordier joined forces to extend the blue scorpion breeding grounds and Escozul's offer to Jaguey Grande (Matanzas, Cuba). Monzon became Bordier's assistant in central Cuba. Today both Mr Monzon and Mr Bordier are gone but the Monzon Group continues to work independently in the production of Escozul.

They keep producing Escozul and deliver it free of charge, charging only for the medical consultation. Consultation hours are Tuesday through Thursday from 8:30 to 12:30 in Jaguey Grande. A current medical summary must be taken and if the family member is traveling a letter of authorization.