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EscozulCirculoESCOZUL Suppliers: Mexico

Who are they- In Mexico there are two main groups which distribute ESCOZUL, which are unreliable:

+ Corporativo Atlas.- When a cancer patient or a relative hears about escozul for the first time their immediate reaction is to search for the name on the internet. What happens after that simple search is that, we come across several Mexican web pages which claim to offer genuine escozul. Each page seems different; however if we look carefully it becomes evident that they all belong to a big Mexican group which promote escozul using many variants of the name but similar means of communication.

All these Mexican websites belong to the same group of people who sell "ESCOZUL" for two months at a sale price of 6000 Mexican pesos:

All these pages have the same origin. They may share the same phone number or contact address, similar formats, almost identical contents and the e-mail address: or or

They are all closely linked and have the same objective: to sell "escozul". These people have a trade network throughout Mexico and they also sell ESCOZUL in Venezuela, Ecuador and the United States. Moreover, in their web sites they openly state that they want to expand the trade of ESCOZUL abroad, encouraging anyone, anywhere to become a distributor of ESCOZUL.

Corporativo Atlas never had any relationship with the Cuban Laboratories that produce the escozul, and they still don´t have it now that the cuban laboratories just produce VIDATOX. When questioned about the origin of escozul they supply, most of them say that they have obtained Bordier's right to distribute escozul from Guantanamo in Mexico. However, it is clearly seen on their Web sites they do not have the slightest idea of what the ESCOZUL is and what is the VIDATOX, confuse them widely.

Therefore, these people do not offer a reliable product beauce its origin is unknown and their staff is not knowledgeable of the blue scorpion venom.Their websitess are designed to get the attention of anybody who is looking for information on escozul and provide them with the same information and procedures. Therefore, the person concerned just see the information repeated over and over again, what people think that this information is true and then we come into contact with one of the pages without knowing that all meet the same distributors.

A point that we must always take into account is that no one to the present has been able to synthesize the active substance of the venom that has the anticancerigenic properties. Consequently, there is not an industrial process which would enable the production of great amounts of escozul in order to meet the high demand. Today, the production of escozul depends on the populations of blue scorpions in captivity, so the production of the drug is limited and insufficient to cater to a large number of patients.

How is it possible that these suppliers of escozul have such big amounts ready to sell to all the world?

Who can assure us that what they sell is escozul or of it is just water, since escozul is colourless and odourless?

It is precisely the international suppliers who have damaged the image of escozul, and it is a pity as very few alternative medicines offer as much hope as escozul does.

+ Dellser.- The leaders of the Dellser group are Antonio Duek and Diana Arus; they also own the site

Dellser is a Mexican health centre which provides therapies using natural products. Their objective, they explain, is to supply people with natural remedies and to combine flower therapy with homeopathic medicine.

Different websites imply that there is an agreement between Dellser and LABIOFAM in order to promote their health products, among them ESCOZUL, in Mexico; however this is completely untrue.

Their relationship with ESCOZUL started with the visit of Bordier to Mexico in 2000 when together with the engineer Antonio Duek they founded the Dellser clinic. Shortly after, this company established contact with Cuban laboratories offering to donate its research. However, their main objective was to eventually become a legal distributor of escozul thanks to an exclusive agreement with the laboratories.

However, the relationship between Cuban laboratories and Dellser broke off for good after a series of incidents, such as interviews in the Mexican newspaper La Jornada where the medicine was being unacceptable promoted, and the disproportionate use of the rights and products of the Cubal laboratories without authorization.

In order to keep his clients, Dellser went back to using Bordier's empirical formula and to try to develop the medicine homoeopathically. Clara Huacuja, a journalist from La Jornada and a member of the public relations office of the Dellser clinic, has published many interviews with Bordier. The relationship between Bordier's group and Dellser is undeniable.

Today, Cuban laboratories has no links with Dellser and has ended all contact after all the irregularities with that company.